How great Communication leads to deeper “stickier” Sales.

May is here and we are realizing how quickly time flies and the importance of making our hard work, well – work! As a Sales Representative, now is a great time to schedule “the Talk” with your customers. The Talk is simple – it’s a conversation to see how they are doing and what you can do to better your relationship.

The perfect answer: schedule a Customer Phone Rally to touch base with all of your existing accounts. Yes, all of your accounts. A Phone Rally is an easy activity to include as part of your Sales Prospect Plan. It provides the opportunity to say hello, ask how your customers like the products and services you and your team are providing, and find if anything has changed, creating new needs.

Asking questions and letting them talk will lead to additional sales and development of deeper, “stickier” accounts. Now is also the perfect opportunity to ask if they know of anyone else that might need your products and services. Chances are they do! In fact, some customers may be eager to promote you to others, especially because of the attention you provide. Having “the talk” regularly with your customers, enables you to kill three birds with one stone:

  • You are building the relationship – touch point!
  • You are potentially adding additional products and services to accounts – increased revenue!
  • You are asking for and may receive new leads!

So, what if you receive negative feedback from a customer? This is the perfect opportunity to make it right – before someone else does. Step up and take the chance to remedy the account and more importantly, the relationship. At this stage, it is most important to ask questions and listen. Concentrate on understanding the issues, repeat back the items mentioned, and schedule a follow up during which you will report on resolution to the issues. Instill confidence and follow through! While this does not replace continued sales prospecting, it is important to remember that it costs more to find and win new customers, than to build current accounts. It is statistically proven that the way you react to remedy a bad situation for a customer, is what will get you the “A+” and good referrals in the future.

In short, May is the start of Spring – why not breathe new air into current accounts by making it your Customer Rally Month?

Here’s how to get started: block an hour of time three days a week to touch base with 10-15 accounts. Make a specific list of the people you will be calling during each time block. This may seem “old fashioned”, on the contrary, writing out the list is what keeps this activity at the forefront in your brain, and will lead to identifying the priority accounts, people and questions to address. Find out how they’re doing and how you can develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship to meet their needs.

Be sure to track your results and let us know how you are doing!

Next week, we’ll be talking about Referrals from existing customers.

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