Recently I had a conversation with a Prospect that in the past, would have rocked my sales psyche.

During what should have been a normal call, the Prospect lost his cool and hung up on me! What?!!

What happened next is the great part. I smiled, calmly dialed the Strategic Partner who referred us, to convey what happened. He wasn’t surprised. The Prospect behaved similarly before. I wasn’t surprised either. I felt I had a fairly good picture of who this Prospect was. Better yet, I have a very good picture of who I am. This is important for success in Sales.

At the end of a long day, on a scale of 1-10, my sales psyche was a “10” and my personal psyche was a “10”. (Ten of course, being good!) The Prospect’s behavior wasn’t going to deflate me, instead it was an opportunity. I considered:

  • Who this Prospect is. His communication style, his personality. What I will learn when we talk again or, I talk with someone like him.
  • How I have grown as a sales professional. Even after being hung up on, I felt good!

Let’s consider item 1: the Prospect’s style and actions as a “trained” buyer. On the DISC personality profile, the Prospect – high “D”, me – high “I”. The two can be oil and vinegar. I know not to talk too much, answer questions directly, let the “D” think he/she delivered all the good ideas, and feel in control. Here the “D-isms” were running rampant from “hello”:

  • Prospect: wanted total control; tactic: be a “bully”.
    Me: Remain calm, be polite and succinct.
  • Prospect: I’m in charge – don’t forget it! (I’ll hang up on you to show you.)
    Me: Thank you. You make me stronger.
  • Prospect: I’m the Buyer – you’re just “selling” me.
    Me: This sale will not make or break me. There are plenty of sales in the sea.
  • Prospect: I fear being sold so badly that I won’t let you do your job.
    Me: I deserve to work respectfully.

The concepts that the Prospect owed his behavior and I couldn’t lose anything I didn’t have, made the experience one to recognize, learn from and shift to a behavior I could control. This kept my sales psyche a “10”.

In a way, I felt sorry for the Prospect. Our products will move him from the “Stone Age” to the technology driven “Jet Age”. How is it that some Prospect’s cannot set aside their own egos for a 5 minute conversation that may improve their business?

Tip 1: Believe in you! You can’t lose anything you don’t have and there are plenty of sales in the sea.

Tip 1B: (“B” for “Bonus”!) Believe in your product, services and team!! Essential for not taking tough Prospects too seriously.

The conversation with our Strategic Partner, turned from the Prospect to who and what to focus on next.

Tip 2: Counteract negative with positive behavior. Dial a customer; cold call; set a meeting; do something that makes you smile.

I said goodbye and decided to dial down the day, do something good for me. I bought presents for family we would be seeing soon, went home and took a nice walk – without my phone!

Tip 3: Rejuvenate your soul. Doing good for you, makes you good for others. This keeps your personal psyche at a “10”.

Keeping your sales and personal psyches healthy, keeps you up, even when the going gets tough. When the going gets tough, the tough get going….to positive, “greener” behaviors!