Analysis Paralysis: No decision is a decision! It’s not a diagnosable disease, but many people suffer from it. Sales Paralysis can become an endless cycle if you don’t take action quickly. The fear of making a mistake is often worse than actually making one. Think about it, you really can’t lose if you are making a calculated sales risk – if for nothing else, you can chalk it up to a calculated sales experiment.

Reasons for sales paralysis, can also be interpreted as excuses. Feeling uncomfortable can lead to feelings of inadequacy. If your products and services have a history of selling well, clearly the product is in demand and necessary. Once you know that you have something a customer needs or wants, eliminate the need to over analyze and focus on bonding with them, understanding their needs, their decision to buy, and their budget.

Although the words ‘mistake’ and ‘loss’ are dreaded in the sales world, you often learn from them. Even the top Sales person started somewhere! Sales estimating software, a proper CRM, and great prospecting techniques are ways to get you to hit the ground running. Rely on your positive sales instincts and go. Before you know it, you will be master of your sales domain!

Here are 5 tips to help you overcome Sales Paralysis:

  1. Figure out why you are ‘paralyzed’. What’s stopping me? The fear of making the wrong decision has to come from somewhere. Are you afraid to make a mistake? Worried to be looked down upon by your colleagues? Perhaps that you won’t make a sale and lose out on commissions? Address your fears. Take a minute to stop and think about where your fears are rooted. Once you’re able to put your finger on those reasons, come up with a resolution for each. Ask yourself what the worst outcome could be? If it is something that you can live with, or something that can be fixed, then go for it. Stunting your vision of closing a sale is in your head. Your colleagues have faith in you, you should have faith in you, and once that is clear, your potential customer will to! Confidence is key.
  2. Set a personal deadline. How can I increase sales? Well, first of all, you have to have a deadline. If you wait too long, consider the sale gone. Start with a work deadline, then decrease it by 3 days – this will be your personal deadline. Once the personal deadline approaches, if you’re still not where you need to be, you will still have a 3 day grace period to hit your actual work deadline. Time stress gone.
  3. Reduce the complexity. The more you complicate your decision, the more you are losing focus, insight and revenue. You can never control an outcome. Use sales tools like sales estimating software to organize and use sales data. It is always better to focus on the key aspects of each sale, and then tackle those.
  4. Focus on the sale at hand. This applies to you as a sales person, and the customer as well. Did you know that being provided with too many choices can lead to fewer sales? No one likes to feel overwhelmed. Stick with your best-selling ideas and go from there. Presenting your top products with confidence will narrow the customers choices and it won’t overwhelm them. Listen to them ant talk about only what they need.
  5. Be decisive. Believe it! Indecisiveness can stem from a lack of confidence. If you believe in your choices and remain positive, there will be a return. A spike in confidence will help your end game and adjust you to coping with the unknown. Just do it. Overcome your sales analysis paralysis and your sales will surely increase.

“Decisiveness is a characteristic of high-performing men and women. Almost any decision is better than no decision at all.” -Brian Tracy

What are some ways that you have overcome analysis paralysis?