We spoke with Lee Thompson at Advantech Inc.

What were you using before WeSuite?
Before WeSuite, Advantech had a very manual sales process. It was a constant battle of inaccuracies with multiple Excel sheets, Word documents, etc. Our process was 20 some-odd years old and as a Security Industry veteran who offers the best technology to our customers, we knew we needed to change. We looked for a long time, shopping for the perfect Sales Management solution. There was a lot of time and effort involved. It took nearly 3 years to decide, as we wanted to make sure we were choosing the right solution. WeSuite provided us the flexibility, features to support our business and a Sales Management solution that would grow with us.

What is a favorite advantage of WeSuite?
We most appreciate the ability to customize and automate workflow from WeSuite to SedonaOffice, our financial software. Each department benefits from the ability of one integrated solution. This is major.

How have the Reporting features helped your Sales process?
We have improved our Sales process tremendously. We produce accurate and detailed reports real-time, which we couldn’t do before. It used to take 3-4 hours to manually update spreadsheets for each sales person. WeSuite has saved me hours, if not days monthly. What used to require twenty different spreadsheets, I now have in one software.

How does the Sales reporting help other departments?
Accurate sales reporting helps with forecasting resource needs for operations and cash flow for accounting. It serves as a great predictor. It’s easy to see sales in progress, to be sold and already won for any date range. We make more effective staffing decisions. We may reallocate residential technicians to commercial projects or hire new staff because we know the number of accounts is increasing. Access to data has opened a dialogue to see how we can grow, become more efficient and work together.

How has WeSuite affected your Sales Team?
We have built a sales process supported by the software. Because the software enables efficiencies, the sales team understands the value and embraces it.

We now operate from a singular database, which ensures accuracy in customer information, parts pricing, miscellaneous costs and enables quoting projects profitably. Sales people see the estimated gross profit margin as they are creating quotes. We have enacted approval systems within the software to automate process and provide an archival record of approvals. This increases efficiency, accuracy and profitability and helps avoid costly errors in the field.

Due to the effective Sales Prospecting tools, our Team now understand where to focus time and attention. They know who to schedule meetings with, invite to golf tournaments or spend one-on-one time with.

The WeEstimate Universal Report Grid is our sales “holy grail”. Each person knows the report views we review together and can easily update forecasts, comments and other information. Our sales meetings now are focused and more meaningful because we have the data we need.

Our ultimate goal is to transfer the best data possible from sales to the rest of our team to ensure each job is ready for installation. We are more likely to come in under the estimated hours at higher gross profit margins. There is no longer a wall between sales and operations. This eternal barrier in the industry has come down with WeSuite.

What would your advice be for others considering WeSuite?
Implementing a sales management solution requires serious commitment and the right team members. When moving from an inefficient process, to one that consolidates and integrates the sales workflow, it’s important to take time to understand your goals and business needs. This will help in taking advantage of the benefits the software provides, revealing the full value of WeSuite.

Any last thoughts on WeSuite and its affect?
The software provides accountability and much greater efficiencies we didn’t have before. I used to spend at least three nights a week in the office, now I’m down to one. I can get home to my family – I’ve gotten time back for me. We’re excited about using WeSuite and happy to be a customer.

Advantech’s Top 10 Sales Reports:

  1. Total Sales by Individual
  2. Total Sales by Office Location
  3. Total Sales with 30, 60, 90 Forecasting
  4. Real Time tracking of Sales Quota year to date
  5. Real Time RMR quoted and sold – Total dollar amount and percentage
  6. Real Time RMR outright quoted and sold – Total dollar amount and percentage
  7. Close Ratio per Sales Rep
  8. Gross Profit Percentage by Individual or by Office Location
  9. Sales Rep Career Sales – Real Time to date since Day 1 of start
  10. Trend Analysis by Quarter and Market