I had the good fortune of attending an incredible networking event of top female executives that culminated in the Bette Midler concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn earlier this week. A consummate performer and great “sales” person, the Divine Miss M reminded me of a few keys to sales success.

1. Connect with the audience: Bette knew how to make a packed house feel like she was there for each person. She connected to us through her songs and the stories she told. She was personal, real and we loved her.

Think about the customer experience. What tools do you use in the sales management process to track and improve customer connections to the value you provide?

2. Ooze positivity: At 70 years young, Bette showed us her passion for her career. Her energy and vitality improve her success.

In Sales as in life, positive efforts reap rewards. Creating and following a sales prospecting plan, setting 90 day sales action goals, cold calling with a smile, drive sales success.

3. Stay relevant: In addition to new music and a new tour, Bette does social media…Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, texting (and others only Bette can mention!)

Use technology! Be relevant in the tools that support sales. Are you using sales management software?

4. Embrace change: Bette sang a song that meant so much to her in her 20’s and today, means something completely different. Life changed and she loves and appreciates that song even more today.

Stuck in “old school” sales ways? Realign and modernize to achieve your greatest sales success. Use a connected tablet to quote anywhere, try electronic signing and real-time sales reporting tools from contact to contract.

5. Lighten up: let your hair down – Bette flamboyantly uses humor and irreverence to promote life as a journey and the importance of enjoying it.

Maintaining sales reporting and metrics can be a real pain. Why not glamify it? When a member of your sales team hits their sales quota, you do something silly in their honor to celebrate their success.

6. Go above and beyond: Bette performed two standing ovations and then came out and personally thanked the Brooklyn audience for being there, for supporting her for so many years, for connecting with her. She was sincere and we loved her for it.

Sales is about great products, service and relationships – ultimately, providing a great customer experience. In my business – sales estimating software – calling a Client to see how their doing, offering to jump on a training webinar, or ideas for new commission plans, are easy ways to go the extra mile. What can you do?

7. Perfect your balance: The Divine Miss M has mastered the art of sharing her music with fans of all ages and backgrounds. She has struck a note in balancing the old and the new in life, noting that it all matters.

Evaluate your customer portfolio. Find the balance of existing to new customers, account revenue and productivity, the maturity spread. Set sales goals to keep that customer portfolio healthy through renewed sales prospecting activities, targeted leads and opportunities and improved sales estimating practices for your sales success.

So, if you’re looking for a divine intervention in sales, take a lesson from Bette – the Divine Miss M did it again!