Case Study

Time is Money. WeSuite Helps Wycliffe Find More of Each.

Wycliffe Technologies is an Enterprise IT Systems Integrator performing installation and service in the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan region for various Commercial Industries and Government Agencies.

In the 15+ years since its founding, Wycliffe Technologies, a minority woman-owned company serving the greater D.C. area, has transitioned from a general contractor into a full-service systems integrator specializing in Smart Building technologies. Access control, video surveillance, telecommunications, copper and fiber infrastructure; the company focuses on these types of solutions and more.

Brandon Alexander, Vice President at Wycliffe, explains that as the company started selling and supporting so many systems, “Our quotes started to include quite a lot of components. With all the parts and pieces and prices, putting together a good proposal gets complicated and very quantitative.”

Wycliffe needed a way to increase the efficiency of its operations, from estimating to system engineering. For help, they turned to WeSuite for:

  1. A CRM to support business developement
  2. Simplified and effcient quoting process
  3. Fast, easy, professional proposal generation

“With all the parts and pieces and prices, putting together a good proposal gets complicated.”

A New Methodology Demanded Greater Efficiency

“We’ve got about 30 employees at Wycliffe; at least half of them work remotely. They don’t come into the office regularly. Due to COVID, we changed our sales dynamic. We’ve repurposed our salespeople into other roles so that our team is much more focused on bid work. We have an estimating team lead and three employees whose full-time job is to price work and get it out the door.

Given that our approach is based on volume, we need to find as many efficiencies as we can. We needed a method to build greater efficiencies into our pricing. WeSuite integrates with the PSA catalog so that we don’t have to go out and shop parts anymore. It’s so fast and easy.”

“We go right to PSA, pull in what we need, and ‘boom,’ they’re in our estimates. It’s a big time saver.”


Speeding Up Proposals

There are several ways in which WeSuite helps us get proposals out the door more quickly. For example, we don’t have to type in the same data repeatedly. Once information is in the system for a customer, an opportunity, or a project, we don’t have to enter it again. Common fields are automatically populated as we put together a proposal or contract documents.  It saves time in tedious data entry and also prevents mistakes from being made.

Then, there’s an automated approval process, which we love. We can let different employees have free reign in quoting up to a specific dollar value, and then someone at a supervisory level gets involved. The estimate gets routed to them automatically so that everything stays on track. What’s even more critical is how WeSuite tracks the approval process. If something has to be fixed before it can go out, we have a detailed history of that process. It keeps things from slipping through the cracks.

WeSuite also makes it very easy to create customized proposals. Depending on what you’re selling and who you’re selling to, you can build a proposal just by clicking on various checkboxes to grab the elements you need. We can show a breadth of content, and the software allows us to display pricing in different ways. We can even include the whole bill of materials, showing our customers exactly what they’ll get. It positions our company as fair and transparent. Our team loves the impression the proposals make; they feel confident that we’re putting forth a most professional package.”

“We needed a manageable CRM that fit within our estimating framework. WeSuite helps us keep tabs on clients that are looking for specific solutions.”


A Complete Solution Designed for Our Business

We looked at several other options besides WeSuite, including some stand-alone CRM software. With WeSuite, we found everything we need, all in one package: a CRM, an estimating tool, and a way to write proposals. We wanted our business development, estimating, engineering, and operations to work together, so employees in one group would be fully aware of what the others were up to. WeSuite brings together everything and everyone into a centralized platform.

The fact that WeSuite specializes in the security industry matters because they understand who our customers are and how business in this space is transacted. There are different components to our sales. We’ve got installs, maintenance, service, and so forth. WeSuite understands how we do all of that and is set up to support companies like ours

Their knowledge of security sales also simplified implementation. The whole process took just a few months – that’s from the time when we first provided them with the information they needed, to having the system loaded and ready to use, and then having them onsite for training. They have the process very well thought out; it was very methodical. We had absolutely no issues. They worked closely with us every step of the way.”

“The fact that WeSuite specializes in the security industry matters because they understand who our customers are and how business in this space is transacted.”


Information Drives Success

“One of the main reasons we went with WeSuite was that it had excellent reporting capabilities. We can look back at historical data and identify trends. It also helps us evaluate our profitability. I want to look at the speed at which we’re putting things together, how long it’s taking to get proposals out. What’s the volume we’re doing every month and what’s our close rate? Since implementing WeSuite, we’ve seen our close ratio increase.

From a CRM perspective, it also helps us keep in touch with current clients and connect with new ones because we get many referrals. We can keep tabs on them and know when they are looking for specific solutions. Then, our estimating Team Lead can say, ‘Hey, we’ve got something here,’ and push it to the estimating department. Workflows like that really expedite our efficiency. Like they say, ‘time is money,’ and the faster we can jump on opportunities, the better our chances of bringing in that business.”

“With WeSuite, you’ve got your CRM, your estimating tool, and your proposals all in one package. Because of that, we decided to give WeSuite a whirl. We’re glad we did! I can’t say enough good things.”