Kevin Hart uses his “sincere” speech-giving talents to start his business,“Best Man Inc.” in the movie, The Wedding Ringer. As a professional Best Man, he’ll pretend he’s your long-lost best friend and deliver a wedding reception speech that’ll have the bride, the groom and gullible guests believing he’s part of the family for years – all for a hefty price, of course. That’s some business!

This may sound like a tough sell on his part. How on earth do you monetize this type of service? Kevin Hart understands the “friendless groom” as the perfect opportunity to implement his sales strategies for capturing repeated sales. In fact, he’s mastered a winning sales process and even has sales management tools to support his growing business.

We focus on sales strategies, prospecting activities and sales lead management and estimating software to improve sales success. We’ve discussed the importance of developing customer relationships that cater to customers, lock down accounts and ensure a positive overall experiences with you and your company.

The stereotypical “sales person” is always saying “yes” to prospect or customer requests. So why be the same as everyone else? Consider instead, the power of playing hard to get.

Challenge prospects – don’t make your product SO easy to buy.

If it’s so easy to get your products and services, buyers will automatically de-value or commoditize your products, the cost and quality. To counteract this, make your products something buyers have to work for, to earn the right to purchase.

  1. Find the need.
  2. Analyze the true value to the prospect.
  3. Understand and emphasize the emotional connection.
  4. Understand what happens to them if they don’t buy from you.

People want what they can’t have causing them to revert back to childlike mentality. What is wanted takes on greater value creating an emotional need and a much greater motivation by them to get it. Kevin Hart’s character teaches a great lesson in playing hard to get – watch the scene here.

After reviewing the various “packages” offered by Best Man, Inc., the Groom obviously needs even more and wonders why it isn’t listed.

Herein lies the key to a great sales person setting the stage to make the sale.

“Do you have any idea what you’re asking for? You’re asking me to pull off the Golden Tux. It’s nearly impossible”, Kevin says. “What you’re talking about is what we joke about around here.” That’s a laugh, “Hey we should try and do the Golden Tux, ha ha.”

He dangles the carrot and then takes it away increasing the challenge, making the product more desirable.

“Do you want it? Well, you can’t have it. It’s not even on the brochure. I don’t even know why I mentioned it.”

He’s playing hard to get. What is done so brilliantly: the sales person assesses the situation – he understands how desperately important the need is to the prospect – describes exactly what the prospect wants, then indicates it was never done before – impossible! He even gets up and walks away, seemingly unconvinced it can be done. The value sky rockets!

Who rescues him?? The buyer. The buyer actually has to convince the sales person that he should sell him the product and negotiates a very handsome price for this. Now that’s a great sales person!

Here’s the homework:

  1. Watch “The Wedding Ringer”
  2. Think about how you can play hard to get to have buyers chasing you down for sales. Create your “Golden Tux” sales product and sell it!
  3. Let us know how you do @wesuite