May 16-19, 2022

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Our Conference Sessions

How Do We Know if We’re Really Making Money?

Monday, May 16, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Profitable growth is achieved by identifying and implementing strategies and workflows within your business that involve a mix of tools, people, time, money and specific goals. Growing profitability requires continued focus on all areas of the business. How do you do this while running your business? This session highlights key factors systems integrators need to concentrate on and why, in order to grow in a shifting business climate. Our panel brings a wealth of experience to share from sales estimating disciplines, to engineering capabilities, operational efficiencies, compensation and motivation, the right mix of products and services and how to tie it all together to achieve profitable growth.

How a Digital Transformation Business Mindset Can Improve a System Integration Business

Tuesday, May 17, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

What the heck is this digital transformation trend and why should I care? Think stone age to space age. Manual paper workflow methods are slower, don’t scale, are expensive, require more overhead (people), are not resilient (think 2020) and eat up your profit margins using primitive tools. To grow you add people, except that talent end of the pool is a little shallow today. Think about scrambling in 2020 when face-to-face team interaction and customers visits changed in a heartbeat. Think about doing more business, and faster, more profitability with less people and stress; that would be digital transformation. This unique and balanced panel will bring great insights as Paul facilitates the haring of the knowledge and advice effectively.

Proposals & Presentations that Sell for You: Key Elements to Excellence that Separate You from the Competition

Wednesday, May 18, 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

A great proposal or presentation can sell for you while a mediocre or bad proposal can end your sales opportunity. We’ll explore how your proposal and presentations can be key differentiators for success, especially in a hybrid world where you may not always get to be in front of the customer or prospect. This session will cover key elements for excellent presentations including: the role of company branding, graphic design and marketing, presentation of solutions, pricing, options and other aspects of investment, writing solid “customer-centric” scopes of work and how top selling organizations use their proposals and presentations to differentiate themselves and their solutions. Join us for great tips from our pros!

What We’ve Learned Along the Way … Career Advice from the Girls, for the Girls

Thursday, May 19, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

As women, at various times in our careers, we will all experience hurdles that leave us unsure of who to turn to, what to do next or how to make the best decision. Our all-female panel is here to help! We will offer our shared experiences and advice from the girls, for the girls. Our mission is to help you best navigate challenges you may be confronted with in your career, and in finding your work-life balance. We will share some of our best stories, biggest challenges, greatest successes, toughest decisions and how we made them. We will also share the best advice received along the way from our favorite mentors, and educational and self-improvement resources we’ve found helpful. We will challenge you to find and to be your best self. So bring your questions, your thoughts and your challenges, and let’s work together to grow, change and succeed as women in the security industry.


Powerful New Integrations:

DealerAlly: Offer residential customers turn-key low-interest financing of security, smart home automation, and other technology purchases from within QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey. Increase sales and offer greater value, while eliminating cash-flow concerns and minimizing financial risk.

ADI:It’s never been easier to quote from ADI’s current catalog using your company account ID courtesy of this dynamic integration. Parts and pricing are updated automatically within WeSuite, for easy inclusion on estimates, proposals, and contracts.

FieldHub: Experience complete continuity between WeSuite’s best-in-class CRM, sales management, and quote-to-booking capabilities and the project delivery, accounting, and support-related workflows best managed by FieldHub’s robust platform.

QuoteAnywhere and the Site Survey:

Our award-winning Mobile Sales solution includes quote-to-close software, mobile quoting capabilities with the Site Survey digital canvas, and integrated eSignature services. Let us demonstrate its updated, intuitive interface and robust features –  starting at just $42.95/month per user.

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