It’s not everyday that two industry leaders join forces to enhance the sales management process for the Security Alarm Industry. Next week however, WeSuite and eOriginal will be unveiling their joint platform to expose how their solution is proving itself to be invaluable to mobile sales teams both big and small.

What Does Mobile mean for Sales?

WeSuite and eOriginal are providing eSignature authentication services within the dynamic WeSuite applications: WeEstimate and QuoteAnywhere G2.0. This Integration now allows users to have sales proposals, agreements and contracts signed and authenticated by their customers all from within the WeSuite applications. No more mistakes, no more waiting, no more paper, no more hassel.

Let’s be realistic; it’s 2015 and this industry is still taking its sweet time in adopting a 100% digital sales process. eOriginal and WeSuite are ready to embrace the transition and make the process as painless as possible. We encourage you to join the free webinar next week as attendees will learn how to:

  1. Secure Asset value using eSignature
  2. Mobilize your entire Sales process using QuoteAnywhere
  3. Eliminate paper and manage contracts 100% electronically & securely
  4. Automatically trigger next steps in your sales process