What does it take to help your business grow? Sales growth is one key element. I bet you’ve wondered if your company is too small for a CRM. Fear not and stop wondering – the answer is no. Sales prospect management software and Client Relationship Management software is crucial, whether you have of a sales team of 3 or 3,000.

CRM software is crucial for managing existing relationships and perhaps more importantly, prospecting and tracking new sales opportunities to grow your business. If you think about it, what is more important than your existing and prospective client relationships? Creating a better sales and customer experience using sales process software makes a huge difference in how your team manages their day to day sales activities.

Having real time sales information accessible within seconds optimizes how you and your sales team work. Time regained has real value. Take that time and apply it toward meeting your overall sales, business and personal goals. Now factor that time for each of your sales team members. It starts to add up into something of significant value.

Too many companies, owners and managers, try to run key aspects of their business using Excel spreadsheets. Excel is a great tool for activities needing spreadsheets, but running your sales department on Excel…not so smart. Does it make sense to run one of the most vital aspects of your business – sales and customer relationships – on spreadsheets? Spreadsheets you likely don’t even control. We’ve all been there, someone takes our guarded “proprietary” spreadsheet with all of our customer information as they exit the company. Or, by the time we discover mistakes in those spreadsheets, we realize the cost stretches back months or even years. Is it really worth the risk?

Your customer information is a true asset of your company – please, treat it with respect! Using sales management software and specifically sales prospecting software solidifies the foundation of your business. By centralizing key assets of your business – your customer lists, your products, services and pricing, and by providing process direction for your sales team, on-boarding of new employees is more efficient, sales process expectations are defined, your team operates more efficiently and you are building sales success on a strong foundation.