Powerful Sales Automation

Centralized Sales Data

WeSuite’s centralized database keeps your employees, and your entire organization, running more efficiently. Say goodbye to duplicate and triplicate entry of the same information by different departments.

WeSuite not only eliminates busywork, but reduces the potential for documentation errors and miscommunications that can lead to unsatisfied customers and lost revenue.


Automated Lead Generation

Boost the power of your digital marketing campaigns by automatically capturing leads right within the WeSuite CRM. Our integration with HubSpot and website lead forms turns social media followers and website visitors into tangible leads for your sales team to pursue.

And, WeSuite’s mobile tools for your sales force make it easier than ever to quantify opportunities while on-the-go, making sure no time is lost moving them though your pipeline.

Qualified Pipeline and Sales Forecast

With complete data always at your fingertips, WeSuite gives you uncompromised insights into the state of your sales pipeline and the ability to forecast sales with confidence and accuracy. Our tools let your sales team to focus on what they do best – building relationships and closing deals – while providing full transparency to management on the status of each project.

Automated Proposals and Contracts

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? WeSuite provides turnkey tools for generating customized, comprehensive and highly professional proposals and contracts that will make your company stand out from the rest.

Our built-in estimate calculations shave hours
off tedious number-crunching, and our unique interface allows for creation and editing of boilerplate documents without ever leaving
our software.


Real-Time Sales Intelligence

WeSuite provides your sales, marketing, accounting and operations team with access to accurate, up-to-the-minute data, and compiles it into customized, automated, easy-to-read reports to help your organization make smarter business decisions.

Our software keeps you ahead of the curve by eliminating reporting lags by your sales team and facilitates cross-departmental collaboration – providing a shared window from which to identify where resources are needed most.

Financial ERP Integration

When you integrate WeSuite with one of the many leader ERP solutions we support, you get the convenience of a single, simplified user experience, backed by the power of your company’s existing accounting and inventory management systems.

Keep your sales reporting in sync with the rest of your organization with seamless, cross-platform communication, eliminating the potential for mismatched data and reducing operational snafus and accounting errors.