Are you a sales estimating sinner? Committing one or more of the 7 “Deadly” Sins of Sales Estimating Software can really put a damper on your profit margins and success and send you straight to the firey inferno of H-E-double toothpicks!

How do you find your place in sales Heaven? Start by avoiding these 7 “Deadly” Sins of Sales Estimating Software.

  1. Laziness: The avoidance of work, indolence. Are you too lazy to implement the right sales software for your business? Are you still estimating like a caveman? You think you can hang on – you’re not “big enough”, you don’t lose “enough”. Using one of those “home-built” Excel sales estimating spreadsheets, unwilling to give it up, even though you know it’s trouble? Operating without a centralized customer, contact and parts database, updated easily and regularly, is a sin! There are probably other ways you’d rather spend your time, your team’s time and spend your money. You are committing a deadly sin against your own business if you continue to use antiquated, inaccurate quoting and estimating spreadsheets!
  2. Wrath: Ouch! This one is all about hatred and anger. Are your sales people hating the time it takes to create an estimate sheet in one tool, a proposal document in another and still manually fill out a bunch of forms for every sale for retyping by other parts of your organization? You would hear my wrath and frustration too! Automating your sales process, getting real-time sales intelligence and using unified end-to-end sales software will put smiles back on all those frowning faces and money back in your pocket.
  3. Greed: Well, hmm, is “greed” really such a bad motivator in sales?! As a business owner, manager or sales person, isn’t it ok to greedily want tools that save your organization time and provide true value? Automating commission calculations is one way to promote greed as a motivator! It’s a proven fact that seeing sales commissions automatically calculate as estimates are created, motivate sales people to increase the gross profit margins and sell more. Add RMR (recurring monthly revenue) sales and reward them at an even higher rate and you are sure to turn greed into a positive sales motivator!
  4. Envy: Have you ever felt envious of the number of proposals your competition gets out the door compared to you? What about document quality? Have you ever wished your proposals made you look like one of the “big boys”? Automating your sales process can save tons of time and produce professional results allowing you to play in any market. Copying estimates, creating estimate and scope of work templates is super easy and a huge time and resource saver. Click one button to auto generate winning sales proposals, contracts and report documents. Making everyone else envious of you and giving you time to sell more.
  5. Gluttony: Overindulgence is something to be careful of when we’re talking about eating too many Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies and spending too much time chasing unqualified prospects. Using lead tracking and management software puts an end to the gluttony. Don’t you deserve to know what is happening with every lead that comes in to your company? Who’s data is it? Knowing your lead to close ratios, lead sources, Markets, prospect’s names, what they’re interested in and so much more could make gluttony a good thing.
  6. Pride: Self-righteousness is one thing, pride in doing a good job is another. How do your sales people know when they are meeting their sales goals? Knowing how your team is doing against their sales and recurring revenue quotas at any given moment is easy, when you manage your sales process with sales estimating software. As prospects are recorded, leads are managed, estimates are created, proposals and contracts generated and yes, even signed by customers, critical sales information is recorded in one database the entire way. Imagine what this information from hundreds of quotes – won, lost or even on-hold, brings you and your team. Taking pride in a job well done by all, creates a winning team, a successful company and is anything but a sin.
  7. Lust: Well we’re going to make an exception here. If you are lusting after a real solution to managing your sales team and sales process, you are not alone. The question is why haven’t you done anything about it? The longer you wait, the more time and money you and your business lose. Building a solid foundation for your business starts with selling. You are committing the most deadly sin if you are not investing in tools that automate and integrate your sales process with the rest of your business.

Just as in life, we need to keep the end game in mind in business too. Take a hard look at your current sales process. Look for the causes of multiple data entry; the resource time-stealers; the causes of frustration and anxiety; the use of multiple and disjointed systems; creation of log jams that decrease your sales volume; and results that don’t represent you and your brand well. Take a hard look. Go line by line, resource by resource and do the math. How many hours do you lose every month by committing any of the 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Estimating Software? Isn’t it about time to stop ignoring the issues and make a change?