Your Brand distinguishes you from your competitors and lets customers know what they can expect. Make sure it’s representing you the way you want to be perceived!

 You may not be focusing on these three elements when you craft proposals, but they will strongly impact your reader’s reaction, whether they realize it or not.

Your Identity: Along with your company name, your logo is often the first and most frequent branding element your customers see. It’s like your face – going everywhere with you. What does it convey? Integrity? Strength? Security? Peace of Mind? Professionalism? Make sure your logo’s font, colors and graphic elements are evoking the intended emotional response.

Your Positioning: What’s your expertise? The residential market, commercial customers or both? What territory do you cover? What products and services do you offer? And what are the specific reasons that customers should choose you instead of your competition? Your marketing and sales communications must make this clear.

Your Personality: Are you a family-run business? A big organization with the resources and customer support to match? Youthful and cutting-edge? Established and trustworthy? Your company’s choice of words and images should be delivered in a consistent “voice” that matches the personality of your organization so your customers know exactly who they’re dealing with.

Putting it Together

Your brand should be unique to you, but the best ways to reinforce your brand are the same for everyone. Follow these tips when creating your next proposal to make sure your Identity, Positioning and Personality shine through:

Your Identity: Make sure your logos are clean, high resolution and retain their true aspect ratio. A squashed, stretched or pixelated logo says shows a lack of pride in your company and demonstrates poor attention to detail. Take care in selecting fonts and color schemes that are consistent with or complement your logo and corporate identity. Fonts size should be large enough to read easily; photos and graphics should be high resolution and in file formats that render cleanly…usually JPG or PNG. If providing printed copies, use high quality paper and make sure binding is neat and professional.

Your Positioning: Make sure your proposal makes clear who your company is, the value you offer, and why you’re the best choice for the given opportunity. Clearly demonstrate your understanding of the customer’s challenges and how you are uniquely suited to address them. Every client wants to feel special and unique. Cookie cutter proposals have the opposite effect.

Your Personality: In the security world, trust is paramount, and it’s fostered through personal, human connections. Make sure your proposal lets your company’s personality shine through. Careful presentation of your company’s and team members’ backgrounds is an obvious place to start, but your brand’s personality really extends through every page. Choose words, graphics and photos with this in mind. And remember, customers will most likely visit your website, LinkedIn profile and other social media while evaluating your proposal. That same personality…as well as brand identity and positioning…should be consistently conveyed.

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