Many of us have heard the term “Voice of the Customer” or “VOC”. You may feel like you’re getting an earful from your customers all the time! The question is, how are you capturing and using voice of the customer information to improve your products, services and the customer experience? Establishing methods within your company to detail, rank and prioritize feedback information in terms of importance, time and cost, helps to focus the direction your products and services will take in the future. Listening and finding ways to deliver on VOC keeps your customers vested in you by showing that you are invested in them.

As a leading sales management software solution for the electronic security and alarm industry, our VOC strategy is vital for WeSuite’s sustenance, growth and continued success and value to our Clients. This feedback helps us remain relevant, necessary and continually help our Clients’ growth and change. Without a VOC strategy, we may fail to deliver in critical business areas – and failure is not an option!

Part of our Voice of Customer strategy includes a tie in to company Core Values.

WeCare  |  Our Clients success is our success.
When our Clients in the Security Industry are better able to track leads and opportunities, create estimates and proposals, increase gross margin, get real-time sales data and close more sales, we are “living the dream”. Their success is our success. When we create value, we are successful. Our Clients VOC helps us to identify new features, development priorities, better work flow and improved Client support.

WeExcite  |  We have a shared passion for our products, Clients and team members.
Each Monday, our team meets to align for the coming week. We review “red”, “yellow” and “green” items that focus on: our Clients, their deployments, support items, conversations we’ve had, people we haven’t heard from and improved touch points. These meetings are critically important, as each team mate is aware of challenges, successes and how we impact each other and our Clients. The output includes new ideas for Client webinars, improvement of specific areas of the software and creating a better experience overall for Clients.

Another part of our strategy is to ask for feedback in a very public way. You may have heard of, an online product directory helping visitors identify software products for their needs. WeSuite ranks among sales management software and quote builder products. What I like most about this site, is the opportunity to read reviews by our Clients. Happily, we receive primarily positive feedback and enjoy high rankings. However, when we find that a Client has had a less-than-perfect experience, our team makes it a point to connect with the Client to understand how we can help and what we can do to improve. These reviews also act as springboard for dialogue among our team members.

While we all love to enjoy the feeling of a job well done, it is more important to keep an open mind when receiving negative Client feedback. We know, it doesn’t feel good and sometimes may even seem unfair. Regardless, what you do in these moments is what Clients remember and talk about. At WeSuite, it is part of our culture and attitude to exceed Client expectations and to do our best to satisfy even the toughest critics.

If your company has not adopted a Voice of Customer Strategy as part of your business plan, today is a good time to start. Actively seeking Client feedback, through surveys, rating and voting systems, one-on-one reviews and conversation, your website, your teammates and other Client touch points is one of the best ways to gain critical insight into your business. What you need to know may just be found by listening to the Voice of the Customer.