Three Top Sales Tips from a Sales Superstar

One of my favorite things to do is talk with salespeople to get their best tips for success. These 3 are terrific!

By Tracy Larson
Oct 5th 2021

In this blog, I like to share strategies and best practices I’ve learned through the years that make selling more fun, rewarding, and productive. Some of them come from my own experiences; others are based on what I hear from clients. Once in a while, I’m lucky enough to sit down with one of them to discuss their best sales tips. Here’s what I learned from Pauline Powell, Account Executive in the Security Sales Department at LONG Building Technologies in Anchorage, Alaska. We spoke in May 2021, at PSA TEC, at the first in-person security event since the pandemic began.

I asked Pauline what three things she has learned that make her a Sales Superstar, and that she uses to mentor salespeople on her team.

  1. “No” means “No, not right now.” It doesn’t mean forever.

This is a great lesson – something we instinctively understand when we’re kids but can forget along the way. When our parents told us we couldn’t see an R-rated movie, adopt a dog, increase our allowance, or – for readers much younger than me – get a cellphone, it didn’t mean we stopped asking. No meant “not yet.” At least we hoped it did, and we remained persistent in our pursuits, based on that assumption.

Pauline says that when she hears “no” from a customer, “It probably means I just didn’t do something quite right, or it’s not the right time. I put it on the calendar for 3 to 6 months from now to make a phone call or walk up to that person again. If they say no again, there’s always another opportunity!”

  1. It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. Just do it anyway.

She’s right again! Nothing comes from nothing. If you see an opportunity to work with a customer and truly believe that your solution can help, it’s up to you to make it happen. Pauline says, “If someone tells you something can’t be done, figure out how. Pick up that spec sheet. Research it yourself. If doesn’t matter what anybody says.”

Which brings us to Pauline’s third lesson.

  1. Believe that you can.

Salespeople are a tough breed. If you can’t take rejection, you should find a new profession. To stay positive in a sales role, you need to believe in yourself. This is true whether you’re dealing with a difficult prospect, customer, project, or colleague. When something goes wrong, take responsibility to fix it, learn from your mistakes, but don’t ever let the occasional failure make you believe YOU’RE a failure. As Pauline explains, “If you don’t believe in what you can do, nobody else around you will believe it either.” Conversely, if you exude positivity and confidence, you’ll be perceived as the one who can make anything happen!

Thanks Pauline!  You are an inspiration.  Below you can watch a short video of my interview with Pauline.

I’d love to speak with other salespeople who are willing to share their secrets to success. If that’s you, please reach out and be an inspiration to your peers! Remember … there can never be too many Superstars in the Security Sales Galaxy! 

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