Who We Are
WeSuite’s great team is made up of people just like you. We’ve worked in the security industry ourselves, handled all aspects of sales, and understand the challenges of growing a business. We also know what it’s like to have too much to do every day. That’s why we created WeSuite.
Our Story
Every company has a story. Here’s ours:

Once upon a time, before forming WeSuite, our company’s founders ran a top-performing systems integration company. They delivered integrated security projects large and small, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Despite their success, they saw firsthand where the sales process fell short, making it hard to grow profitably. With the right technology and a flexible, centralized, and consistent sales process, they knew they could be so much more productive and successful. Their goal was to produce sales estimating software to save tons of time, close irritating organizational gaps, increase profitability, and automate beautifully branded company sales documents.

In 2008, believing their seed of an idea would grow into a giant, fruitful sales tree for technology integrators, they committed to creating WeSuite and game-changing software.

We’re proud of what WeSuite is today. Our award-winning sales management software helps sales teams of all sizes in the security and technology services sectors grow faster and more profitably with a flexible, connected, lead-to-sales process.

Our story continues, and as our clients grow, prosper, and multiply, it looks like we’re all going to live happily ever after.

Say hello to our leadership team.
Tracy Larson
President & Partner

A recognized sales subject matter expert focused on helping WeSuite clients by improving their sales process through the use of sales technology.

Michael Fazio
CTO & Partner

The original WeSuite software architect, who thrives on team collaboration, continuous innovation and improvement for our development team.

Isac Tabib
COO & Partner

An accomplished security systems integrator who believes in the power of using technology to estimate and sell technology.

Itai Bar-David
VP, Product Management

Brings a highly strategic, methodical, and client-focused approach to the design, development, and release of WeSuite products.

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