Security Sales Estimating Software


Maximize productivity and profitability with WeEstimate, our flexible, highly scalable security sales estimating software for teams of three to three hundred.

Flexible estimating for simple to complex projects

  • Single data entry reduces errors and busy work
  • Customize proposals with images, tables, and graphics
  • Real-time sales intelligence bridges the gap between sales, finance, operations and support teams
  • Over 12 powerful Add-on Modules support the unique needs of your business

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WeEstimate Add-On Modules

Target specific sales and automation needs with your choice of modules. 

  • Manage complicated tax calculations from within WeEstimate
  • Define and assign taxes at the customer level and on a line-by-line basis
  • Differentiate between use tax, retail tax, non-taxable items, and more
  • Annual updates of tax rates by city, state, and zip code
  • US and Canadian tax tables are available
  • Create pre-sale and post-sale approval systems within WeEstimate based on customized rules and triggers
  • Apply rules to groups or individuals, cross-regional and within offices, and within a hierarchy
  • Approvers can review, approve, or reject proposals from their Dashboard or Job Summary Report
  • Emails sent to both the approver and end user during the approval process
  • Salespeople cannot make changes once an Estimate is approved; they must restart the approval process if changes are needed
  • Account for costs often missed during the sales proposal stage, such as subcontractor labor, construction equipment rentals, permit fees, bonds & insurance, surcharges, and more
  • Define and price Chargeable Items for use within WeSuite quoting tools
  • Easy drag-and-drop functionality
  • Automatic inclusion of calculations on the proposal
  • Let salespeople see their estimated commission as they quote using your company’s specific commission plan
  • Apply complex rules to calculate commissions based on sales volume, RMR, job type, term of the sale, splits, sliding gross margin, and other factors
  • Assign separate plans and calculations to different salespeople
  • Set up Manager and National Account overrides
  • Auto-populate and generate contract documents with customer, project, and estimate data
  • Select one or multiple contracts per job
  • Print or email documents. Automated electronic signature services integrated with DocuSign or eOriginal are priced separately
  • Include scope of work, notes, pricing schedules, service contracts, and more
  • Include company-defined finance options on proposals and contracts
  • Automate the calculation of projects’ Rate Creation Multiple; clarify months required to break even on loss-leader sales
  • Present third-party traditional lease programs
  • Display varying auto-calculated deposit and payback amounts on proposal documents
  • Show lease alternative alongside outright sale price
  • Build quotes based on fixed contract pricing, like GSA, state and local government contracts, and fixed price contracts for specific customers
  • Quote equipment and hourly labor rates per contract definition
  • Use single estimate creation for various entities, with easy email distribution to specified contractors
  • Send quotes to multiple parties simultaneously or individually
  • Stay organized with a single estimate per party; prevent duplicate reporting
  • Seamlessly transition to customer status after estimate acceptance
  • Eliminate confusion over which estimate represents your pricing proposal
  • Enjoy mobile, collaborative selling with customers and prospects
  • Quote and sign from the desktop or in the field with customers
  • Built-in company proposal and contract documents
  • Use the Site Survey tool to create system designs that show part placement within uploaded floor plans, photos, or sketches of job site
  • View, edit, and send estimates built in QuoteAnywhere from within WeEstimate
  • [Click here] to learn more  (link to QA&SS web page)
  • Define fixed or calculated pricing for each RMR item for inclusion in estimates and documents
  • Drag-and-drop to add RMR codes to proposals
  • Specify quantities for subscription-based items
  • See RMR amounts reflected against sales quotas
  • Simplifies selling and presentation of recurring and subscription services
  • Easily quote testing, inspection, and subscription-based services
  • Utilize customized billing codes based on device quantity, percentage of devices to be tested, minutes per test, inspection category, service frequency, and length of contract
  • Drag-and-drop Test & Inspection codes to proposals


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