Three Top Selling Tips from Sales Superstar Neil Riveron

By Tracy Larson

A few months ago I attended the Connect 2022 dealer conference to represent my company, network, and learn about Resideo’s exciting roadmap for home automation. There, I chatted with our latest featured Sales Superstar, Neil Riveron of Rapid Response Monitoring, whose three top sales tips are all about “connecting” through communication and relationship building. How appropriate!

Here’s what he says are three vital ingredients to becoming a Sales Superstar:

  • “Make sure you’re honest in your expectations.” Understand what the customer wants, and if it isn’t the same as what you want and are able to deliver, find a middle ground that will keep everyone happy. If you overpromise and then fail to meet expectations, you’re going to end up with an unhappy customer – which is often worse than no customer at all!
  • “Don’t give up on a prospect just because an opportunity doesn’t go your way.” You want to keep seeing them and stay in touch. Just because they didn’t choose you the first time doesn’t mean they won’t consider you in the future.
  • “Keep building relationships!” Every satisfied customer represents opportunities to connect with others in their network. Their positive experience and endorsement will go far in opening doors. Even prospects can provide referrals. They may not be ready to work with you, but if they like what they hear, maybe they know others who have a more immediate need.

All of Neil’s tips provide excellent advice.  I can also tell you that he lives what he advises. Neil connects easily with others and is someone happy to help.  Another reason, he’s a Sales Superstar. Hopefully, he’s motivated you to get out there and do some connecting of your own.

Watch my conversation with Neil here:

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