Want to Increase Your Close Ratio by 20%? Here’s How American Alarm Did It.

Can signing on the spot with electronic signature really increase your close ratio?  American Alarm & Communications says it can…here’s more.

By Tracy Larson

How many times have you been certain a sale is yours, but by the time you go back to the office, prepare, and send the proposal or contract over, it’s been scooped up by your competition? We’ve all counted at least a few “unhatched chickens” in our career. It doesn’t take long to happen. If a customer is shopping around, the next security, smart home, or integrated solutions salesperson can show up 20 minutes after you’ve left and close the deal before you even get back to the office.

American Alarm & Communications, Inc., a regional security systems integrator with offices throughout New England, has found that WeSuite’s integration with DocuSign is pivotal in helping its sales team close deals more quickly, more often. Barry Chisholm, American Alarm’s Director of Sales, “It’s a huge advantage to generate and sign documents on the spot, on a laptop or tablet, instead of heading back to the office and following up later with a bunch of paperwork. Before, our reps had to be physically in the office to connect to our network. Now, the customer can say, ‘Yeah, that all looks great, let’s go forward with it,’ and the contract can be signed then and there.”

American Alarm initially turned to WeSuite’s contact-to-contract sales management solution for several reasons. It needed:

  • The ability to easily quote state contracts
  • Tools to streamline, centralize, and accelerate the quote-to-close process
  • A centralized sales platform to tie together customer management, accounting, operations, and central station services and support
  • A better system for training and managing new sales reps

However, the software’s ability to increase close rates has generated the most enthusiasm among members of the sales team. Barry explains, “For us, the DocuSign integration within WeSuite was the feature that won over our greatest skeptics in the sales department. They’ve stopped printing out long contracts and driving over to the customer, or emailing them and then expecting the customer to print, sign, scan, and email them back. I would guess that we’ve increased our overall close ratio by as much as 20% since adding DocuSign as a feature. One rep who said he’d never use it now thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Signing on the spot is especially important for high-volume, smaller ticket residential and commercial sales. Research shows that each physical sales call costs a company an average of $308, so getting a customer to sign a contract before the rep walks out the door contributes significantly to corporate profitability. When salespeople are empowered with robust, collaborative sales tools, there’s no reason why a second visit should be required. Like using their laptop or tablet as a digital canvas for collaboratively designing the perfect system with customers simply by searching and locating parts onto a site map or image, while the estimate builds automatically.  Quoting software ensures sales data and figures are accurate, profit margins acceptable, and automates proposal and contract generation, populating necessary data fields, then tees the documents up for eSignature on the spot! E-signing is the cherry on top of your sales sundae, the element that helps tip you over your quota, making it that much more irresistible to the customer, because it’s so easy.  They’re ready to buy now, and you’re ready to sell.

Of course, the appeal of electronic signatures isn’t limited to residential or smaller sales. For any salesperson, prospect or customer, convenience is convenient! It’s liberating to get things done. “We had originally thought we would use the DocuSign integration with WeSuite mostly for our residential sales, but our sales reps who handle larger, commercial opportunities appreciate it just as much,” says Barry.

Sales software that enables greater efficiencies, increased profitability, and growth, is a winner for any sales team.

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