WeSuite Has a New Look! We’ve Sprouted an Updated Logo and Tagline

Ever feel like you need to freshen up your look and your message – we did!  Let us know what you think…

By Tracy Larson
June 2nd 2021

Have you have noticed some aesthetic changes to our recent communications? Call it a facelift, a refresh, a makeover, or whatever; we’ve updated our branding and love our new look!

Let’s start with our logo. Notice the simplified tree image, with expanding roots and bursting leaves in a bright green color. It connotes a more solid business foundation combined with the freshness of new growth. At WeSuite, we like to keep things fresh. That means updating and enhancing our software regularly to keep up with changing client needs. Offering new training and networking opportunities to keep you feeling empowered and supported. Developing additional partnerships and integrations to expand the power of our solutions. And, of course, helping our clients strengthen their core businesses while growing in new directions. Are you feeling the vibe?

Then, there’s the font. We’ve transitioned to a friendlier, more whimsical font. It’s a happy font, less “corporate”, more personality. It’s consistent with our mission to keep the “fun” in sales. Selling is better when you spend more time with customers, less time with busy work and bureaucracy, and you close more deals. We hope when you see our new logo, whether it’s within our software, our website, social media posts, advertisements, or at a tradeshow, it reminds you of the joy you feel when you close a deal, hear from a grateful customer, or get that commission check. We want WeSuite to be a part of that.

Let’s talk about our new tagline, “Growing Sales Strong.” Especially security and technology sales! There are plenty of solutions out there that try to do it all. Not us. We aim to be best-in-class sales management software while offering seamless integration with other leading business solutions. We’ve heard from clients who tried going the generic, all-in-one approach offered by other software manufacturers before switching to WeSuite. Let’s just say there’s a reason they are now our loyal customers!

You’ll see new evidence of our rebranding in the coming months, including an all-new website we are very excited about, that’s soon to launch. Plus, be on the lookout for opportunities to win some new WeSuite branded swag as we help you have more fun, close more deals, and “grow sales strong”.

Let us know what you think of our new logo, look and how you are “Growing Sales Strong”. We’d love to hear from you.

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